Run Noble - A Story By Friends Who Lost A Friend

"Tanner was a runner, so we can run for him. Tanner was a biker, so we can bike for him. Tanner was an explorer, so we can explore for him. Most importantly, Tanner was a friend, so we can love each other for him. The ultimate form of love is sacrifice and doing certain things for people that they can't do themselves."


The Woodlands Wins Third-Straight Boys Cross Country State Title

"[Noble] would have been all over that course screaming for everybody," Green said. "It's kind of funny because his favorite color was teal, and the bus that we were on — they just give us any bus from CISD — it's an elementary school bus, and it's color is teal, and it's on the windshield. And we saw that coming here, and I was like, 'I'll be damned — he's on this bus with us.' So he's here, and he's excited."