Tanner Noble


Tanner Scott Noble and his gigawatt smile.  The teenager in him loved cartoons - Spongebob, cars - fast ones, playing sports - running, biking, snowboarding, and watching sports - F1, college football. But his true passion was all things outdoors - hiking, fly fishing, camping, especially everything mountain biking. He rode Enduro races, fat biked in the snow, and completed the first leg of the Great Tour Divide, Canada to Mexico route. In nature, he could look up, look around and appreciate the present. He was one month from going to the University of Colorado to study Aerospace Engineering. This curious interest he had in spacetime and physics led him to believe in our connectivity, and need for compassionate action. He smiled the widest after seeing a smile on the face of someone he had just helped. His gigawatt smile made him like the sun and we all the sunflowers who wanted to face him and enjoy the warmth of his love.

He applied his motto, "live life", to everything he did, enjoying each moment in the present. He once wrote an essay based on his favorite quote: 

-"There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the 'present'."

His time on earth was much too short, but the fact that when he passed away he was doing one of his favorite things - mountain biking - with some of his best friends, in one of his favorite places on earth - Montana, helps us to understand that he had no regrets and truly lived his mantra.

He will always live on in our hearts and actions. He will continue to teach us, lead us and inspire us to look up, lift up, and do it up! "There is evidence of life when there is energy and living functioning around it." 

Live Life. Live Noble.